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The Importance of Cellar Tanking Services

Waterproofing is needed to protect an investment as large and expensive as a cellar. It’s required to keep this area working optimally for many more years of use. Learn more about the importance of cellar tanking and basement waterproofing services.

What Is Cellar Tanking?

A storm cellar, also known as a basement, is an underground floor level where people live or store their belongings. Not every home has one because traditionally, it’s been used for protection against inclement weather. Cellars are common in regions where tornadoes are present; however, these areas are more problematic wherever flooding occurs. Cellar tanking is the process of applying a liquid sealant onto a damp floor, wall or ceiling. This is done to seal in water content and reduce dampness. Damp proofing is done to reduce dampness, while waterproofing is done to increase resistance to water.

Why Cellar Waterproofing Is Important

Cellar waterproofing protects this floor if leaks or flooding do occur. It’s the process of making a cellar resistant to water and moisture that cause physical damage. A protective sealant is sprayed onto the floor, walls or ceiling. Without waterproofing, leaks will appear in any spot and create water damage. Leaks can go undetected for months and spread from one side of the basement to the other. By the time anyone notices, the water has created thousands of dollars in damages. In wooden cellars, there is the problem of rotting that destroys the wood, making the area more vulnerable to a vermin infestation. Brownish-black mold forms when the leaks remain for weeks and become homes for fungi.

Why You Can’t Do the Work Alone

There are many steps involved in basement waterproofing that should not be handled by amateurs. Before the membrane is applied, the walls must be cleaned thoroughly using pressure washers, then repairs are made using cement and other heavy-duty materials. Skipping one step or rushing through the work will bring disastrous results. Only cellar tanking services UK professionals are able to follow an efficient multi-step plan that works.

Basements were built to deflect the strong winds of tornadoes and hurricanes. On the other hand, an underground floor level is likely to suffer from water damage after a heavy rainstorm. To reduce the flaws of this design, find a cellar tanking services UK provider that specializes in damp proofing and waterproofing basements. Review the different methods that they can use to protect your home.

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